Reinstalled Windows 10. Won't detect my Android tethering. Went to another PC to download wireless drivers. Freezes up and crashes. Restarted. "Your PC ran into a problem." Restart? "Do you want your PC to be discoverable?" Yes. Opens Edge to download Chrome. Edge takes two years. Better then Chrome or Firefox of course. Crashes. OK, fuck this I'm going back to Manjaro.

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    I've started learning some low-level languages (relative to what i know already) and i wanted to reinstall so i could organise and have only the requirements. I've got a Dell XPS 13 and it's got the coil whine and it just flips out sometimes. The laptop is amazing and is so close to being ultra portable but holy fuck these issues need to be fixed.
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    I am on manjaro too, and it works flawlessly
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    @DevNullStdin I originally tried installing it but there was an issue and Dell wouldn't help because i bought the Windows version of their laptop not the Ubuntu one but I'm going to try again with 17 i3 community
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