man i see another group i'm a part of talking about "is it worth it to get degrees" and just, ugh. since this is a place to rant. here is why degrees are fuking useless.

first off, simple, like my friend said before, "if we all have degrees, none of us have degrees"

and let me tell you about some of the people i've had to work with who have degrees...

many dont know what "cd ; ls" is, okay. 4 fukin years, what did these people do?

some people have masters, multiple even, and can't read a for loop that jumps/skips(continue) around certain conditions in their 'favorite' language

looked through my favorite rants on here and there was someone who had a college hire who wrote a "for loop in HTML" L_O_L

degree != skill, ever, period, nada

the best people i have worked with? all degree-less

how is that? why would that have a correlation? degree!=skill but !degree==skill ? initiative? passion? giving a fuk? not droning on in classes that have piss all to do with your desired trade.

sure recruiters and companies will supposedly look at the degree like some special badge or say it's important. but if they've been around, they're savvy that a degree only means you're willing to go in debt and be obedient

i know there are those who don't learn well on their own, or prefer face time or structure, that's fine. but the lie that degrees are required and mean more than they do has only put half of my friends in debt. there's no magical "this person now gives a shit" or knowledge transfer that happens. you have to do that on your own.

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    You get a spectrum of knowledge from taking a degree, but not for $50k.

    Your 4 years are better spent doing the work. Sign up to brilliant if you want something more formal to round you off.
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    My degree was useful in the sense that it got me started. I had basically zero coding experience before I started and so had no real idea where to even start. Basically I didnt know what I didnt know.
    Looking back on it, most of what I did after my first 2 java modules was almost useless. I got my first dev job when I was in year 3 of my degree and once I started learning there, everything in uni was just a super basic version of something I already knew dragged out over 12 weeks.

    University courses need to be more condensed. They spend way too long re-hashing the same content. I learned how to code from scratch in 3 different classes. Each one assumed you know nothing and went back over the bare basics.
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    ya somewhere i worked would hire ppl and immediately put them in a ramp up 'class' with other college hires for a month or so.

    i felt like that in HS too, the first semester would be a rehash then a few new things before summer
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    you know what? i just had an interview and there's something else i forgot about this.

    recruiters and biz may value a degree ... if they even ASK
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