Because of my Swedish blood as soon as it gets above 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside I always feel like my blood is about to boil, and then I feel like I'm dying all summer and then I get used to it just before the winter comes. Then the cycle repeats

I'm a fucking Viking.

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    I'm more 60°F, even though i live in the US.. In Alabama.. Where it's usually 80-100°F.. ..Blegggghh...
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    You're not, vikings are tough & don't complain about the weather!! :P ;)
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    I'm Irish; I love the cold and damp. Yet for some inexplicable reason, I'm living in a desert. I'm miserable daily.

    (As for summer temps, 110-115*f is quite common)
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    Who uses Fahrenheit and how is this a dev rant..?
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    @thaon everyone knows the metric system is clearly inferior to the imperial system.

    Reasoning: I have feet and a yard, so it's more relatable. Who has a centimeter? Closest thing I have is a couple of centipedes that I find in the house sometimes. Pshh.
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    @sladuled Vikings complain about hot temperatures :) I don't wear a jacket until it's 0 deg C outside because I'm impervious to the cold.

    @thaon ya happy?
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    @runfrodorun spoiler alert! all imperial calculations are based on the metric system... So basically it's just the metric system with a conversion factor.
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