Why do people use "hashtags" in their posts' main text? There is even a separate input field for tags when creating a rant. #fuckingstop

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    I don't understand the same thing when people use hashtags in input fields which don't support hashtags, WhatsApp status, messages, SMS, emails. What's the fucking point? You are just wasting that hashtag!
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    @SYNTAX they don't understand the hash function of the tag.
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    Someone is #salty.
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    #try #to #stop #me

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    It depends on the use I guess. I sometimes use them ironically on messenger or even in text messages. Pretty damn fun
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    I was going to hastag you, but then I couldn't bring myself to it, because I fucking hate them too.
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    #hashtags #are #considered #cool #these #days ..
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    Hashtag are so cool that even they have their own language! And it's widely used!

    Come on, everybody jump to C hashtag, it's awesome!
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