Them: We should totally use JIRA
Me: Why? it's sucks so hard
Them: I like it because of the reports
Me: How often do you look at those reports?
Them: Once a week
Me: F**k that then, there's no way I am rummaging around in that crock of shit hundreds of times a day just so you can look at a report once a week


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    Reason why it sucks?
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    @Linux It's like Marmite. You either love it or you hate it
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    Well, not a real reason then ;)
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    Personally I find the Epics and SubIssues and subsequently tracking those things horrible. Also the entire Atlassan suite is split into different apps with (what used to be) flakey data synchronisation between them.
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    It sucks because it's overly complicated, slow, and they hardly ever fix problems. Anytime you have an issue with JIRA, you can find a ticket from five years ago where it was still an issue. Atlassian syntax sucks, and it has crappy support for code highlighting - which forcibly defaults to Java for all projects (JRASERVER-29184, Resolved: Won't Fix.) Speaking of which, the sister project Confluence also has many woes with it's own insufficient code block that breaks double clicking to select words (CONFSERVER-43063, Unresolved) Atlassian themselves recommends licensing a 3rd party client to actually use it, which is good because the painfully slow, non-responsive design has a lot of quirks. You ever count the number of seconds it takes to open the JIRA page .......... Hit the create ticket keyboard shortcut ......... Select the right project and wait for it to load the fields ....... I think you get the point. JIRA is very full featured, but it is terrible to use.
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    Count me in the loves JIRA camp. The saying in our company is if it's not in JIRA, it didn't happen.

    Atlassian software does have flaws, but next to other systems we tried, it's best for our small dev shop.

    And yeah, the fact that we qualify for a free open source license does make me a bit biased. ;)
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    Next to other systems?

    Jira is the most complicated slow ticket system i have ever seen.

    Servicedesk might be ok for support purpose, when you are going to manage timespend on tickets with subtickets - for sure on more projects than one - you were done.

    The gantt is terrible, you might use thirdparty addons for timemanagement (for extra cost).

    No sense at all compared to free open source products.
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