ive seen a few people bitching about the state of browsers lately

and i want an alternative, i really do

but all these webkit pos's have 1 major flaw - ad block is shit

dont even know if they work well because i can't (and won't) use the net with ads being shoved in my face and down my throat at a higher rate than what pornhub does with cock

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    Ublock origin.... works on most browsers, customise the lists in settings beyond default and dial it down when things start to break.

    And ad free internet makes the world a happier place:
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    For mobile: Brave browser.
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    As @C0D4 said, configure UBlock. If adblock was a given, the internet would go broke. Thankfully it's still minimal effort because we happen to live in the intermediary time where the vast majority of people don't know how to install a browser plugin, so making you also enable settings for the plugin is high enough of an entry barrier to shrink the difference between traffic-based and real ad revenue below significance.
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    ublock does not work for webkit alternatives, that's the rant
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    @zlice That's strange, WebExt is a fairly universal standard.
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    @zlice which WebKit browser, and are we taking Mobile or Mac?

    Otherwise, find another browser or get PiHole running and do a local dns setup so it sorts out everything on the network.
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    @Lensflare came to say this, I use it on my phone and on my computers. As an additional item, a pi hole can also work wonders.

    I fucking hate adds, I think they are stupid and have not yet met ANYONE that actually clicks on them
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    @AleCx04 I understand why ads are there and how they allow many websites to exist.

    But they make the web unusable, insecure and needlessly big and slow.

    And it kills the UX. Good luck finding the little bit of content hidden between all those ads.
    And good luck clicking on the content when the whole page jumps like crazy because more and more ads are loaded. Btw, that‘s how the ads get their clicks probably.
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    @Lensflare but that only solves half of the problem, all apps are still full of ads. AdAway is a better solution since it blocks most ads from all apps whether you use mobile data or your home network. There are also other less elegant alternatives if you for some reason don't have root permissions on your own phone.
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    @electrineer true.
    Personally I don‘t use apps which have ads so it doesn‘t matter for me.
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    @C0D4 the tags, qute, luakit, things like that

    pihole is only really viable at home and it doesnt strip elements i dont think
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    @zlice no it's DNS based and can be setup abroad, a docker container and a static ip is all you would need + a little know how.

    but restricting yourself to home brew browsers with minimal extensibility seems like the real issue here.

    Qute apparently uses Adblock with easy lists through Braves libraries, you could add more lists if that's possible.
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    @C0D4 i tested the adblocks on all those and theyre half of what ublock can do

    didn't think about docker. maybe ill try to set it up. gotta be better than the adblock webkit things use. thanks!
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