wtf is the point in having a captcha if it doesnt show up til your 1st pw enter, then ask for your pw a 2nd time?

are youuuu hummmannnnn?
...pw + captklajtkljasdkja fukin COME ON

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    Because one thing a bot could never do is repeat the previous string.
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    Bot detection at this point is a lost battle.

    If a well written and funded bot wants to gain access to your app, it's getting in one way or another.

    The only way to stop bots is to clamp down on the libraries that allow it to happen. This will never happen though, because the development community has a difficult time regulating itself.
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    CAPTCHA: Select all pictures of a car.

    Human: Selects some pictures and questions reality.

    CAPTCHA: incorrect you didn’t select this picture with a single pixel of a car.

    Google: why bother teaching a computer things when we can do it for free with the general public!
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