I am so tired of Windows.

Latest story. I am doing homework for uni. I write it in LaTeX.

My LaTeX editor is vscode. Because there are great LaTeX plugins which can use a docker container for LaTeX. Also vscode has a vim plugin.

I wanted to synchronize my progress, so I installed GDrive Sync and pointed it to my homework directory.

And suddenly compiling regularly crashes. And it's Windows fault.

This is how the plugin uses LaTeX: "First creating some auxiliary files. Then create the pdf. Then delete the auxiliary files.

But sometimes it happens that GDrive finds the auxiliary files. Then it will open the file in readmode. And upload the contents. And here's the problem. When it's opened, it cannot be deleted. This crashes the pluging. Could have been programmed better, but hey, in Linux, it could be deleted.

Files in Linux are garbage collected. Well, not really, but same effect. When a file is deleted, it disappears immediately, but is actually only deleted when no more process has it opened. Meaning, you could delete something that is being uploaded. It would be continued to be uploaded until GDrive is done, at which point the file is deleted. GDrive would see the change and delete the auxiliary file remotely.

So, it is inherently better at throwing multiple applications together without them conflicting with each other.

Yesterday, I was finally fed up with all of that and installed regolith on my system. But I am worried. I don't know what my uni will throw at me. Stuff like zoom breakout session. There is no guarantee that not someone needs something done that's only possible in Windows (or only possible with reasonable effort in Windows). And if it's just turning in an assignment as a power point presentation.

Plus I want to game. And I have more than just steam games.

Well, anyway. Today is the day where my KVM-switch and second graphics card arrives. Think I have that covered.

Also gives me the opportunity to spin up a separate windows for applications I don't trust.

So, I guess my setup just made a huge leap to a better state.

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    Just use word
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    I rather draw a Finite State Automaton in LaTeX. Wouldn't want to draw it in Word.

    Or taking a whole term and underbrace it, to define that part as a variable is a pretty daunting thing to do in Word.

    And dozens of other math operations.

    (Image is an underbrace example)
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    @TheCommoner282 I would use latex too, but this example is not hard in LibreOffice math, use:

    2 cdot { left ( x^2 + 5 right ) underbrace {k}} + 1 = 2k + 1

    Yes it does not look so nice but it is easy.
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    how about you push your latex stuff to a private git repo instead?
    or don't sync your latex work folder and just run a script that copies all files with desired extensions to another folder that is synced?
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    @happygimp0 Alright, point taken. But at some point Word just doesn't cut it anymore.


    It was just an example. Linux is great to quickly put some applications together without them interfering with each other. I mean, that's basically the idea behind the Unix style.

    Windows is more designed to have monolithic applications. One application that does it all.

    I did change to upload it to git. I did solve that problem. I also could have created a docker container that keeps the aux files somewhere else. There is a multitude of solutions. But it's a design principle of Windows I wanted to showcase.
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    So linux gives fuck all if you have a file that is busy and just lets you do anything you want to the file? How is this a good thing?
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    @Demolishun op has provided an example where it is a good thing. Now if you think it‘s bad, how about an example?
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