FX [ Tries to pay online bill using PayPal.. ]

"Payment failed" said their website. ( When I say, said, I mean, flashed on the screen for 1/50th of a second.. )

Only "PayPal" had other ideas and gave them money anyhow..

No problem, I'll just message the customer service folk and get it sorted in a jiffy..

4 weeks later..

First they said Payments take up to 7 working days to action..

Yet previously when I've paid not via Paypal, it took half an hour to show up in my account, not 7 days..

Anyhow, we wait 7 days..

Still nothing, so another message ( They don't appear to have an email address, so you have to use an online form, which limits how much you can type into its little box.. )

During these exchanges I include all the data on my PayPal payment, and each time they seem to ignore that..

First they say they can't find such a payment.

Then they say they are looking more closely and their "PayPal" department will be looking into it.

They still can't find it..

Could I provide a screenshoot of my PayPal payment, sure, but since its hard to send them attachments, I had to stick it on a website and give them a URL instead. ( Hopefully that is not too technical for them.. )

Now waiting to see if they can find it..

If not, I guess one can ask PayPal to get the money back, right ?

I've not had to do that before..

How difficult is that going to be ! ?

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    Lesson for developers there, don't just rely on your own database to say if a payment has been paid or not, double check with your Paypal account !

    Also, an email address for customer support is most welcomed by, well, customers..
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