2 atoms are walking down the street when one says "Shit I lost my electron" second one says "are you sure ?" First one says "yeah Im positive".

Just a physics joke.

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    I guess this joke didn't gain, loss or produce any matter at the end.
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    hahahaha,* blows face off with a gun
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    @dom3mo why blows face off with gun?
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    I thought it was gonna end with some sort of reference to Electron :(
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    @Haxk20 It was too funny
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    @billgates well I'm thinking that everybody knows it because its from primary school
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    But here you go in atoms there are 3 particles: Electrons(E-) those are at outer shell then protons (P+) and neutrons() and both are in a core. At the start every atom have equal amount off protons and electrons. When another atom add to another atom electron it starts to be negative because have more electrons then protons. if it take one from it and have less electrons then protons its positive.
    That's it you see its easy.
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    @Haxk20 Actually meant this kind https://electron.atom.io

    You know this being devRant but thanks for the reference 😄😀😃
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