I just think some people, in some countries, simply lack the culture for the type of communication DevOps requires. Observing from the sidelines I've now seen multiple people complain in different kinds of meetings how teams don't communicate and nobody knows what others are doing and this leads to conflicts and duplication of work. But when it's time to actually build a community where those developers would be able to discuss freely and safely about that work, nobody fucking says anything. Nobody responds to threads, nobody opens up discussion, everyone just shuts up and ignores the community.

Why the fuck are you whining about silos then if you behave this way you ignorant monkeys!?

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    "it wasn't that bad" (except you whined about it for weeks)

    "I don't want to blame someone" (except you did for days)

    "I think my approach would have worked given more time" (nope. Just nope. Except we're talking about another universe with different laws of physics)


    I could go on but I imagine that's what's going on...

    It's a pretty simple equation: People don't want to change. Be it for being lazy, feeling almighty already, ... - magnitude of reasons.

    I wish I could be a bright rainbow fart, but honestly: You most likely will have to drag them by their asses to change and most likely everyone will after a long time say it has gotten better, but no one will thank you.

    Humanity at it's best :)
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    @IntrusionCM Yeah. While I do rant here on occasion, deep down I don't care. I'm not paid to solve this problem. I'm simply there as a developer and I'm a person who's interested in agile and DevOps. Seeing this kind of behavior frustrates me, but I'm not going to throw myself at the problem, trying to fix it. I can tell management, that this is what I've observed, but it's not my job to do something about it. I can't make people talk to each other more openly. I can try, but if you're not interested then it's like talking to a wall remotely.
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