Story time:
I'm in the 7th semester of an 8 semesters carreer (computer science) and my first class is at 7:00 am and for some reason since the semester started I haven't get in time for that class (the best I've done is 7:40), but the teachers are cool with that and they allow me to give them the activities later that day. The only consequence I've had with being late for school is one time the teacher explained one of the programs we had to make for the next week that consisted in making a VB project that, in a windows form, draw a cube and putting buttons to move the cube (up, down, left, right), change the size (bigger, smaller) and rotate the cube (in x, in y, in z). In order to do this we needed to use different matrices to calculate the position of each corner and convert the 3-dimension coordinates to 2-dimension coordinates... It was a long process but once you get it its pretty easy to understand.
The thing is, none of my classmates understood the process and no one could tell me anything further the fact that we had to use matrices. So I looked for the teacher for that week and fortunately he had a free hour on Friday (the program was supposed to be for Thursday but since no one did it and those who did it weren't what the teacher wanted he told me that if it worked by Monday and if it had no bugs or errors he would accept it) and explained me the same thing he explained at class.
Well, this experience helped me to increase my ego because I finished the program in 5 hours and my classmates couldn't finish it in the whole week. I told them I could have helped them but no one helped me in first place.
In that moment I knew I choose the right career.

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