Someone told me a teacher wants to meet us at the library at 3:00pm. I went there and there was a yellow van with some of my friends and a teacher. Then
T = Teacher
M = Me
F = Friend
T: Your name is not on the list.
M: What list?
T: You​ didn't attend yesterday's meeting.
M: I don't know there was a meeting yesterday.
T: No excuses.
M: But..
T: No excuses(slightly louder). I gave a message yesterday.
M: I didn't even receive the message. How do I...(even know about the meeting)
T: *interrupts* Your name is not on the list. You don't have permission from the administrators to go. You cannot go.
F: He doesn't usually attend the meetings.
(I don't even know the existence of the meetings before, no one told me)
T: You must attend the meeting next time.
M: When? What time?
T: I will send a message if we have any meetings.
M: *Flat-toned* Okay then. *keeps minimal facial expression then walk away steadily*

Inner me: What an ignorant teacher. She should at least listen to my REASONING, not treating them like empty excuses. I don't even know where they are going, I don't even have the intention to join them. Then she thought that it's my fault. I don't know what I don't know.

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    M- Fuck you and your fucking meetings, I don't give a shit about your speaking and you motherfucker message. I don't give a fuck about you at all motherfucker collared ignorant.
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    Rant had a disappointing climax. @Biggy saved the day. Time well spent in here

    Good luck OP
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    Reminds me of my elementary school teachers: No matter what I said, my reason for something was always an "excuse" 😡
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