When I was a kid I used to spend a lot of time using computers: when I was 4 y/o my aunt used to go for me at school and she took care of me (and sometimes my brother) while my parents were at work, she's a graphic designer so she had a Mac or something like that (that was in 2002 and it was an old model) and to not annoy her she putted random music videos there (also the reason why I have the music taste that I have); when I was 6 or 7 y/o my dad was fired and my mom got a job in the capital city but my parents didn't wanted to moved because they thought that that could somehow affect me and my brother in a negative way so without having my mom around I could do whatever I wanted so after school I used the computer all the time; this continued 4 years and I started to be curious about how the computer that I always was using worked; when I was 11 y/o my parent bought me a notebook and I started to investigate about computers but then I read something about html and I really wanted to know what it was; when I was 12 y/o my parents changed me to other school (I was starting what in US may be junior high) and all the students had to chose a workshop for each year so I chose graphic design and was very disappointed because we did nothing at class, except for that when the teacher decided to teach us html and I really wanted to know I hoped that the rest of the year she kept doing it but it was just one class and then she told us to use wix.com... But I never stoped asking "how do computers work?" so for what can be considered in US high school I decided to apply for one with technological careers, specifically computer sciences and I was accepted. It is an 8 semesters career (a normal high school here is only 6 semesters) but I thought it was worth it. On 2nd semester I learned to write "programs" with pseudo code and I loved to do it, I made a lot of things with that limited tool... :") Then, in 3rd grade I was introduced to C and since that day I'm definitely not the same. It's been 2 years now and I it's really beautiful to remember that I'm who I'm thanks to the little girl that never stoped asking questions. :')

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    Great Story! A bit motivating!
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    Kudos, but the story has just begun. Have a good answer challenging time ahead which will allow you to evolve even more.
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