Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way an experienced Web developer. I've been learning it in my spare time for a little over a year and this is my first job in the industry.

So, I'm working with a client who's a friend of the boss. He's had a developer friend of his build him a WordPress site (using fucking Visual Composer no less but that's not important).

He's asked us to host it on AWS, which took this 'developer' to have to use a cloning software to move across. I had to access the server myself to set this up, which was fine but considering I gave him the .ppk and .pem he needs to ssh into it. He then says the file permissions aren't right. So again, I say he can ssh and change that. He says nope and makes me do it. So I do it. I give him IN DEPTH instructions on how to do it. He says it isn't working, he can't change the hyperlinks. He's had to quote unquote "bypass the database to change the config file". That was this morning. I'm trying to be as civil as I can with this guy, considering he's a Certified Apple Instructor and Educator, yet he clearly doesn't understand ssh or ftp for that matter.

We're not getting paid for the work by the way.

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    Run Dude... Run!
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    @Arlekin I would love nothing more. But being the bosses friend, I have to help. But fear not! I have sent a very passive aggressive email detailing in excruciating detail how he himself can fix any issues he may have.
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