Shoutout to my recent client who not only referred a friend of theirs to me for an additional project but is first making them define their project with process models before the customer interview to ensure no one’s time is wasted.

I always recommend to my customers that they define their project before taking it to me because otherwise it becomes billable consultation hours if I sit down with them and talk about the project and create the process models on my end.

This is a good customer experience and what I like to see when working 😁

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    My favourite customer so far was a friend of mine. The first time we actually talked in the context of the project he had the exact answer to every question I asked to identify what he needed. Not all of them turned out correct in the end of course, but they were so precise it felt like I was talking to an intelligent and experienced PO. I've met few people with such clarity since and I never fail to mention it, because I think that being able to interpret and evaluate logical constraint systems is a frequently overlooked skill a team player should be aware of and they should actively assume the role of product owner when necessary.
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    do you have some kind of template or such.
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    @useVim I only accept a very limited number of customers at a time and do not use templates, I work one on one with every customer and my hourly rates are set based on this, you will get a response that I wrote out by hand.
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    Oh. No worries.
    UseVim just asked so he could spam the shit out of everyone with that template.
    He's a bot artist. Contributing to the collapse of any society to your desire.
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    @scor read your words in Rick's voice. sounds ..
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