I need suggestions! :)
For one class I have to make a CLI (the commands that I program must do the same things as DOS commands) and I can use the language I want. Which one would you recommend and why? I've been working with C++ because I feel confident with it but I want to change to an alternative since I have 1 moth (well, less... considering the other projects I have to do) to finish it and I only have like 10% done.

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    Try python, its fun and easy
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    I would stick to C++ if you're comfortable with it to save time. But.... python is fun lol
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    Always expand what you know, developing requires you to develop as well. Try Rust and see what all the fuss is about.
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    If i were you I'd definitely go for python. It's easy, high level and pretty damn useful
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    Ruby 😊
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