I recently learnt that even chrome and Firefox use Webkit instead of their own engines in the iPad, because Apple requires so. So you can not use any alternative browser. You can not install oder versions of Safari as well. You can not open any browser-console or whatever. What the serious fuck.
I've hated Apple for my life but now I have even reasons!

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    You don't understand you're wanting to use the internet wrong if you don't want to use webkit.

    Apple is right, they know better than you, they will protect you, they have your best interests at heart, don't resist, don't fight, you will be assimilated.
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    Yeah, can't tell you the amount of people who've left reports with bugs on "Chrome" only to find out it's an iOS thing again
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    I hit this a couple of weeks ago. It's infuriating!
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    But but apple is the best, just don't tell this to apple fanboys... Yes the same that keeps blaming ie
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    Hahaha yeah this has been a huge issue for a very long time welcome to the club. The browsers can do their own thing feature/interface wise but the rendering is depended on the version of IOS they have installed. This cost us huge issues with every fuckup they made. Some where okish because users had them on just about every site but other more obscure stuff gave us a bad name.
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