Hitting the deadline rush with my university projects now, it's putting me all over the place jumping between C++ & OpenGL, C# in Unity and Java/XML for Android development, one thing at a time would be nice! Also first post, hello community :)

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    Welcome! Good luck with the syntax juggling, good thing is we often learn best under stress :)
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    @viking8 learning the android stuff as I go, it's fun stuff though. Documentation coming up soon and that's gonna be 12000 words of pure pain, but then I'm a free man and hopefully right into a job if I can get my head around Bootstrap and HTML/CSS
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    @Jubey36 just a little tip since you are starting off your career.. I guestimate 80% of devs are doing web scripting (pun intended). If you look into data science, math, research, embedded systems, you will find a whole new playing field to excel in - and could make you more rare in the job market.
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    @viking8 I was like OP last semester (C, Java, Python, Javascript and probably something else) and can confirm that this this true.
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