It’s not C-Sharp anymore it’s C-Hashtag.

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    Me a german calling it Cis 😈
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    @lambda123 It is C++ The 2 + are just arranged differently.
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    Just call it "C Dotnet".
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    Isn't it b flat? Someone who knows better correct me or confirm...
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    @TheCommoner282 It's D flat
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    Oh. One of my favorites hasn't been mentioned.

    In germany, some people struggle with the C - they change the sound of C to be like a "K"

    China sounds like Kina or kinese wall...

    k raute...

    Plus fast dialect / speaker you get kraute ...

    Germans with heavy dialect speaking English is like deciphering a lost language.

    It took me once half an hour to understand what "floohten" could be.

    The person meant to say "float" - added with an "en" (german suffix for a verb)...

    But due to dialect, the a from float became more like a very long o...

    Crazy talks. Absolutely crazy talks.
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    @IntrusionCM I wrote down a bunch of English words my German coworkers can't pronounce properly.

    You just reminded me to add one I heard today: "delete", mispronounced as "delayed".
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    @IntrusionCM Kina ist immernoch besser als Schina.

    Ansonsten ist die Schweiz deutlich extremer mit den verschiedenen Dialekten.
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    @localpost English in one of the worst languages when it comes to pronouncing. The relation between the letter and the pronunciation makes often no sense at all.
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    @happygimp0 That doesn't excuse them using the French pronounciation of the word "queue" instead.
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    do I have to be the pedantic one in this thread to point out it would be only "C hash"? There's no tag - Also: "C octothorpe" if you need to sound more smarter then others (yes i had to look that up, only remembered half the letters)
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