ik i already bitched about this but

"gitlab - a complete devops platform"


are ppl using gitlab as infrastructure and having to hire ops ppl to keep it up? is there more to this bug ridden, 9 year open, 12 year closed w/o solution, hey we better work on wording things to help ppl 'feeeeel' better instead of doing real work, excuse for a ci/cd system doing something major i'm not aware of and competing with aws/gcp/azure or bare metal chef and puppet instances? *deep breath*

im ok...im fine

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    As a simpleton, I actually like it.
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    @rantsauce i mean, it's ok (gitlab)... im using it for shit it isn't meant for so it's a bit of a pain
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    reading different definitions to get diff perspectives but...everyone just has a diff take basically and i dont tend to agree w/ any of it

    'its culture'

    'its dev ppl and ops ppl working together'

    but ppl do seem to agree it's not experts developing and operating shit which is just...mind boggling to me

    like, at that point. wouldn't it be a useless word for shit everyone has been doing for decades? i dont think until recently enterprise has had a single person operating 1000s of machines solo
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    i must say that gitlabs CI/CD is actually great in my opinion.

    at least when compared to bitbucket or azure devops - don't have experience with other platforms.
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    Gitlab CI/CD model is good.

    The problem starts when you have to host it… but the cloud version really shines if you can adopts it.
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    @gcavalcante8808 we host our gitlab, and we never had any troubles (except those caused by bad monitoring - not gitlabs fault if we let the storage run full).

    what problems did you actually encounter?
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    The use of a local file system is bad to scale and we need to start using a managed redis to avoid some annoying interruptions during nodes updates.

    Time to time, we had to increment the monitoring of each component because of random errors were occurring and some features just stopped to work.

    I can’t say that the effort to maintain isn’t noticeable.

    Someday we gonna give gitea + (argocd workflows or tekton) a try I think haha
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    That's true for anything you self host.

    Anyone who wants to tell me that a self hosted software runs magically without maintenance and care is a lier in my opinion.

    Be it storage, version upgrade, cleaning / pruning... There's always sth to do.
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    Hey, they finally fixed scrolling through commit histories on Firefox.
    Just in time for my company to have everyone switch to Chrome.
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    @IntrusionCM true, but there’s a spectrum in ease of operations I’ve seen. Huge difference to me between “hey here’s some IAC repos with autoscaling and dns and VPC all packaged in one easy thing that you use to deploy our software” and “here’s a jar file, you figure it out”
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    @Intrusioncm yeah, self hosted have it maintenance costs independent of the software.

    But there are some softwares that softens the burden. Gitea vs Gitlab, nats vs Kafka and so on

    All depends on what features you really need to use
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