I left a company once. Was there with one colleague and we had this kind of code review habit that we looked at each other changes befor merging them to the deploy branch. On my last day I made a dancing cat dance in front of our app as a tiny joke for him. He instead of reviewing just pulled this time and deployed the new version on the companies dev server without a look. So the fist time the cat showed up was appareantly in the first meeting after I left and everyone went completely crazy because they thought they got hacked.

I think they never found the hidden rock roll in the app.

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    Nice story! Code was guarded to only work on local||dev right? If not let that be a lesson, because it can be seen as sabotage.
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    If you aren't making a game, you shouldn't create easter eggs and code jokes. It is just one more thing that can go horribly wrong.
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    We found someone had done this in the prod version of our code. Months after they’d gone someone hit a key combo and pictures of chickens went all over the screen.
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    Had this happen to my team with a project we inherited. The previous engineers used some very obscure coding practices.

    Our QA started to check some test endpoints on his local dev environment that seemed to do nothing.

    A week later while the CTO was on holidays skiing, he got a call that 2 boxes of bike horns were delivered to his office. Why? Because the previous devs considered a test endpoint should be connected with a production supplier system.

    Cherry on the cake: there were 2 boxes because the endpoint was called twice. I don't want to think what would've happened if the whole team would have tested it.
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