Confession: I don't feel like working. At all. I'm so in need of a vacation. I spend 3/5 days gaming at home and do my sprint assignments in the last two, because I'm so fucking good at what I do. Been working like this for weeks now.

Last summer vacation I really had was fucked up by a PO calling me about the project expectations wanting me to really explain the technical decisions to stakeholders, because the schedule kept getting shorter and that caused me huge amounts of anxiety. I left the company next year. They even contacted me later asking if I had any interest coming back. No fucking chance.

Didnt have any vacation days for last summer. Now I'm in a really nice position where I don't have to really give a shit about the project I'm working on so I can just ignore work completely during my vacation. Gonna delete my email from my phone and disconnect Slack. Fuck work.

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    If the workplace doesn’t force you to have mails and slack/teams on your personal phone then you should never have them. And if the workplace is forcing that, you should change jobs.

    Enjoy your holiday!
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    So you are gaming during work times ?

    Ask for more work or find a new project that can improve work related stuff.

    (Or a personal project since you are working from home)

    But, yeah been there done that in lockdown xD
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    @lkaroz your place hiring sounds like my kind of gig.
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    always best to keep your personal phone number private and ignore it when ur gone :)
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