I've become so cynical during the pandemic. Got a message from some HR lady in LinkedIn, and while I am in no way looking for a new job, I looked up the company. They make one type of industrial devices and sell them around Europe. Rather low turnover.

I'm a pretty high skilled web developer / architect. I build highly scalable web based applications using cloud platforms. The message was obviously just copy pasted and sent to various people, but the initial reaction in my mind was to ask her where did she get the idea in her small little head to ask me to work for her shitty company instead of the one I'm working for now which has over 500 expert developers in various fields, incredibly interesting projects that you can take your pick from and in general one of the greatest work cultures ever with no corporate bullshit. Were you gonna pay me triple the money or what? because I still wouldn't do it.

I just messaged her that I'm not interested atm.

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    I moved from London to Australia 8 years ago and still get messages from UK recruiters saying "Hey I looked over your experience and it really stood out as being great for <UK company>". Yeah? How about the last 4 roles being in Australia and my LinkedIn banner being very obviously an Australian city. I tell them I'd need interested if they pay for the commute.
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    This is very arrogant to be honest. You should be more humble.
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    @KDSBest It is. And I used to be more humble. Now I just look for my own self interests more. Idk why..
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