We got the report made by the EU committee that is assigned to evaluate our project (robotics in the service of healthcare).
I was full on trashing the reviewers for writing some seriously dumb shit, and low-key dissing my professor. Until I got to the part where they addressed the work package I was responsible for. They referred to my work as impressive and innovative, and I was like, well, maybe they're not that bad 😂

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    Classic mind games
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    Haha nice, good job!
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    Don't tell me it's Smart Health Innovation Hub which I saw an ad for on TV yesterday?
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    @webketje Nono, we don't have enough money for TV ads
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    Dr. NickyBones

    Sounds cool.
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    @hardCoding I still have a very long way to go. 2+ years...
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    Saying dumb shit and than giving high praise does not take away the dumb shit.
    That is if it is actually dumb and they are not questions or you not really that good at objectively taking criticism.

    It's the same with audits. They have to find something so they come up with shit when they can't really find anything. After that they say impressed good job. We still either completely debunk it or show how we (are planning to) mitigate it.
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    @hardCoding famous Dr. Bones is taken already but fortunately we are in an age where that doesn't matter any more. Even the fresh prince is deemed fresh again.
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    @hjk101 Wow, you are really taking this post way more seriously than intended. I'd say my ability to self-reflect, handle criticism and not take myself too seriously is supported by tagging this post as "me being a hypocrite".
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    @NickyBones hahaha thanks missed that. Still I stand by my words
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