could get better at vim, and git, and a few other things ig. it'd be really great to be able to explain shit to others more clearly though. been using specific words more and what not, although it's drawn out and it's hard to balance length and directness. and there's also the fact that some ppl are just DUMB. say the same thing 5 times and they still keep asking. so no amount of effort on my part will probably change that =/

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    Git is really interesting to know in-depth (Git flow, CLI, semi-advanced routines like amending, cherry-picking, rebasing).

    Git CLI is one of the most rewarding tools to teach because everyone uses it anyway (at least under the hood) and it is (almost) unopinionated. It helps your coworkers go from "wow you're a git wizard" to "this is so simple and fucking awesome I'm never using a Git GUI / IDE buttons again"
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