Got a toxic mf transferred off the team. For months we knew nothing of what he was doing and every planning session he just kept saying that it's a waste of time to do this or that and instead just go past everyone to the source to get shit done, and completely ignored the development process we had to at least keep some sense of what people are doing. Also, spent months whining about stuff, instead of just accepting shit and moving on. If you don't want to get with the program, then go fucking do something else.

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    Did you warn the team they were transferred to? 😳
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    Did he actually get shit done? maybe your team is stuck in low gear..
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    @Nihil75 problem with such people is that even IF they do get their things done fast, lack of communication and coordination will most likely block someone else that then does not get their things done.

    On bigger projects with many involved its not the individual progress that determines the success but the overall performance of the teams.

    And that is why doubling the number of people almost never doubles the speed and quite often reduces speed due to inherent dependence and communication.

    A good team that handles communication well is almost always faster than any other constellation.
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    @Voxera that sounds true on paper, but in reality it simply not the case.

    90% of the work is done by 10% of the people.

    If that guy gets stuff done and the rest of the team can't keep up - perhaps they are slowing *him* down.

    Like you said - adding more and more "normal" developers doesn't make things go faster.

    One more guy like him will.
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    @Nihil75 read "the goal" and "five dysfunctions of a team". That person is creating knowledge silos and stopping their peers from doing work. I've worked with someone that thought the best path to job security was knowing stuff nobody else knew. It's not, it's being a "force multiplier", it's making your colleagues more productive.
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    @Nihil75 if 90 % is done by 10 % of the people you have the wrong people on the team.

    Sure, some will do more than others but I have never been in a team where it have been that unbalanced.

    Or you just have to many people for the work to be done.
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