My boss has zero emotions and empathy. How ironic for someone into product management!

He is 100% logical, maybe more. He is smart that way and yes, that is a skill to learn from him. He has good product management hard skills.

But, he is an emotional void. Zero humane feelings. He treats everyone like a machine. He is overly obsessed with documentation and wants every single word to be his way.

My writing and communication skills are his pet peeve.

Last Monday, our CTO was in office and he wanted to meet me. I was working remotely, so leads notified me. Even though our CTO runs a monkey business, I was eager and excited to meet him.

This week, my boss will be in office. He texted me to catch-up on coming Monday. I am anxious and worried even though my boss has great skills in our work function.

Furthermore, I find my boss overly critical about everything I do. Maybe it's not me and he does it with everyone, because I haven't been part of a group connect, so no idea. But dude.. give me a break.. give me some room to breathe..

What I heard from another junior, who joined us last month, is that one of the folks who resigned in past was because of my boss.

Feel like that I will move on from my dream organisation as soon as I complete little more than one year.

And apart from that, I scratched my eye glasses, Reddit permanently banned my account for no fault of mine, wanted to catch-up with a cousin, who is going through a rough phase, to cheer up the lad, but he won't answer our calls.

What a shitty weekend.

And yes, my boss is a hipster in the way he dresses and thinks.

He literally keeps saying that we need to use dark patterns like click baits, incite FoMo in our app users, add feedback loops, etc.

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    omg are you in my team? i can relate so much to that. having such a superior sucks out every slightest remaining passion for the matter.
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    Welcome to the club of working for a shitty boss
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    @soull00t True.

    In my last job, which only lasted a few months, I learned so much to progress in my career and reach my current job.

    In here, I have to unlearn everything and start over again.

    What's funny is that, my previous org used to follow best practices and models to function on day-to-day basis.

    The current job does not follow any of those.

    Furthermore, the skills I learn here are of no use in advancement of my career. I unlearned some useful skills, the remaining will rust, and the new ones are purely useless.

    @johnmelodyme He is not a shitty boss. His approach to work is very complicated from industry best practices, and he is not open to perspectives. This lack of flexibility/freedom to operate autonomously impacts how we, the team, function and grow in our respective careers.
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