As a Java developer, I'm a big IntelliJ fan. I like how smooth it works, how wide support it provides. However, I was thinking about giving Eclipse a try for a week.

It ended after first day.

How the hell anybody can use it? The auto completion is so slow it's fucking funny. And yeah, I've changed eclipse.ini, disabled unnecessary stuff from completion, changed delay to 1s.


I type "new Arr<ctrl+space>". Instant window with text "Computing proposals". After 10s I finally get list of possible completions.

How can this be so slow? Even vscode works better

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    I would forget, all of this on PC with 24GB ram, where IJ works like a charm with 3 opened projects, and this scenario was tested with just one
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    Why did you even expect anything better from Eclipse?
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    @electrineer It's often offered as an alternative. I was curious if it changed since I last used it couple of years ago
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    @g3t0r I dunno.

    Eclipse as an umbrella organisation for projects like Temurin (ex AdoptOpenJDK) seemed like a good idea to me.

    But boy. They fucked the migration up.

    They still have major delays, but at least a working repository for packages ...

    Till this migration I thought nothing could be worse than the Apache Foundation but I was wrong.

    That Eclipse as a software IDE still is a slowtard... Proofs my point that being a big organization doesn't mean shit.
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    Eclipse is a great analogy of garbage in garbage out.

    It's also a perfect example of the state Java is in today. Eclipse is what happens when you get complacent in your skills as a developer. It's the dark hole where Java devs go to curl up and wither away. Unmaintained Java inevitably ends up just like it, and unironically develops the same unmaintainable garbage.

    Using Eclipse as a professional tool in this century should elicit emotions of malaise and disgust.

    If you are using it, imagine how successful you would be if you didn't.
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    Well, Eclipse has been created by IBM and it still shows. Maybe they planned to run it on a mainframe...
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    @Oktokolo what's this 15_000 $ plus machine for?

    Oh it runs the eclipse instances for our devs.


    Things that will never happen because they would be too fucking awesome.
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    @IntrusionCM Well, it could actually have been that way. IBM specializes in big things. So using their own implementation of a "Terminal Server" wouldn't be that far-fetched. And it was the time of the Thin Client™ being the next big thing...
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    @Oktokolo I'll stick now my fingers in my ears... Terminal servers - word alone brings a lot of traumatic stuff back. Thin clients... Oh no... 😭
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    Am a really the odd one out with Eclipse working like a charm for my embedded c/c++ projects? The only issues I've ever had were dark theme fuckups in the UI.
    Been using Eclipse since 2007, didn't experience any slow-downs or anything similar. But I anyhow dread every major version update...
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    @Fakerlol you mean some fork for STM family? Cube IDE or smth. I guess C may be lighter than Object Oriented languages. I don't know how about C++
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    I was a C# developer for over 15 years and then my team decided that they wanted to port everything to Java. Going from Visual Studio to eclipse made me almost quit my job. I asked for IntelliJ licenses for my team, and became a hero. IntelliJ is wonderful, and I dare say I like it as much as I liked Visual Studio….maybe even more so. I miss C#, but I can live in the Java world with IntelliJ by my side.
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