In my university have different projects but i don't have any personal project in my github. Any script not even a project from scratch, only report bugs but any contribution. I am subscribed in different mailing list (debian, php, perl) for help.

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    You don't need a hooker profile on GitHub ...

    E.g. in my current company I got the job by turning the job interview in a technical cross - examination how fucked their infrastructure and project management is.

    The interviewer, now a good friend of mine, still laughs his arse off when the topic comes up - as noone expected "the technical inquisition" (monty python pun intended).

    The inquisition gave me by the way the chance to immediately give recommendations, which made the upper management who participated pretty confused, but allowed to have very vivid technical discussions.

    Bold move, but I'm too old for the usual "are you good enough for us" shit. Question is if "they have something that interests me". Nothing else.
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    @IntrusionCM That and "what kind of bullshit crap does your hr do?"
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