I recently gave an interview in a software company, and was rejected cause I took half a minute to connect my webcam and turn on my video 🤷.

I had just moved into an apartment at that time, so my place was not well managed. I attended the meeting in time but didn't have my webcam turned on. They asked me and it just took half a minute for me to turn on and start the meeting. Everything went well there, and they asked me to complete their coding challenge which was a development task. It was a huge task where I had to build a full-stack app (frontend + backend) with basic crud and auth features. I completed that in 2 days and presented it to their tech lead. He loved my work, he was impressed that I was able to complete their challenge in such a short time.
They said they will get back, and after a few weeks, they said that I was rejected. I reached out to ask for constructive feedback on why I was rejected and they said:
“Communication during the interview - interview
preparation: the video wasn't available at the start and needed to check the headset at the start of the meeting” 🙈

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    Fuck them
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    Plus for you, better now than finding out later that they are idiots
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    fuck them - close save
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    Sounds like they just picked the only reason they could possibly find to complain, because a manager suddenly saw a youtube video about outsourcing to a low-cost country and thought it would be much cheaper to do it that way.

    He will learn soon enough.
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    This sounds like a place that just stole free work from you. ALWAYS put a copyright on your work and a phone home to see if they are using your work illegally.
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    Dodged a bullet, if theyre petty enough to do this during interviews I don't wanna imagine how they treat their employees
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    Wow, those guys are assholes.

    I thought everyone had some understanding for technical difficulties during video calls.
    It happens regularly even within companies that use the same system every time.

    When we have video meeting with people outside the organisation we leave extra room for issues.
    Heck, sometimes it's not even possible for a guest to prepare 100% because you can't really join the meeting room and test everything before the other participants join.
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