Back when Microsoft was in your face about updating to Windows 10, my friend decided to update his *brand new*<(key word) laptop to Windows 10. Soon after the update he was getting an​ error message saying that his graphics card is missing. 😐

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    lol. once that started I searched the web for something to stop the nagging, and remove whatever was downloaded. I do not want to be experimented on, thanks.
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    At one point, Microsoft kept bugging me and trying to get me to click the pop-up that asked if I wanted to upgrade, and I never did because my computer was slow and I didn't think it would run. But Microsoft flips me the bird and force downloads Windows 10 into my computer, it still works, it didn't change anything really. When it was finished it reverted itself back to before it updated, I was kind of happy, I have a new OS now but I questioned what happened at the time.
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