I was in a Meta workshop for PhD candidates, and they spoke about some of their programs. Meta is financing (paying the tuition fees + salary) for PhD students in Oxford and UCL. Could be interesting for people who wanted to go for a PhD in the UK but could not afford it because UK's higher education system sucks.
There was also a coding interview preparation session, and it was honestly nice to hear from them exactly what they expect from their candidates.
But maybe I have positive feeling about this event just because I went to a fucking Green Day concert an hour later, and it was the best day of my pitiful life.

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    just say facebook
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    @NickyBones people think the name Meta is disingenuous. Facebook knows their business practices are shady, so by trying to change their name and reinvent themselves, they hope to distance themselves from the history they have.
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    @iSwimInTheC I doubt someone thinks Meta's business model is more moral/charitable. To me it seems like they wanted to market themselves as more than just a social media platform, as they expand to other domains.
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