I want to be a cyborg

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    That's easier than you think.
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    You are already. You have a smartphone
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    @iiii ye ik, But I want to be the one with instant data transfer and that’s only possible with techno biologically integration
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    But you'll live forever... In this world climate immortality is a punishment.
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    In this day and age? You sure? You’ll have shit servos for limbs. Useless
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    Consider the software updates whil peeing. The ads and toc confirments while you activate your monsterous techno cock. The connection problems while you just want to use your eyes in the middle of the road..
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    you already are.

    you use flexible external armor plating to protect from unfavourable weather and small amounts of damage.

    i.e.: you wear clothes.

    try living a week without it, and you'll see how dependent humans are on it.
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    Imagine a hacker taking control of your servo limbs, or ransomware infecting your brain.
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    Ooh so you wanna become like cyborg so you fucking dumbass you have to like fucking shitty DC universe btw I want to become iron man
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