With guys at work we were wondering how many screens weee necessary for a developer, my thoughts are dual-screen is a minimum. Some of them think that two screens are a waste of time and a waste of space on the desk but others think three screens aren't enough.

So what do you guys think?

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    At home I code with one screen. At office I have 2 normal screens and one of the laptop. I never would give one away
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    I use two screens - 1 for the music player and 1 for the rest... #efficiency #not
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    2 is minimum, one main screen for coding + one for documentation or running software.

    I have 3, a 24" widescreen as main display and two old 19", one for documentation and one for running software or both for running programs if interaction is required.

    Working with only one monitor means permanent windows switching and that's really annoying.
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    Personally my. Home. Office setup us 3 x 24" displays and my 15" laptop display... Let's me run all the apps I need without any window switches...


    I do enjoy getting out and working just on my laptop alone from time to time to change things up as you work differently and helps you hyper focus on that one app you have up...
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    I have two screen, not for dev I just like switching between League and music.
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    2 is minimum. I have 2 at home and 3 at work(24 in). No way to have stackoverflow, chrome dev tools and multiple IDEs open (min frontend site and backend api) plus office comunication software, (ms teams, email) and music on 1 screen. I go nits when I have to go down to just the laptop screen especially when its connected to a projector that only goes to 1024x768.
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    For every extra screen I have, I can divide the amount of work I'll get done by that number. One monitor only for me.
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    After some layoffs I had 4 monitors once. That was a productive few weeks. But also, I was doing all the work that the laid off fellows would've been doing 🤔
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    I think 2 screens is the minimum to work properly
    At home, i only have space for 1 screen and it rlly sucks
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    @Blauesocke used to have 8-9 Monitors at once.

    atm i prefer 1 to stay concentrated on my work
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