Any advice on how to find proper customer as a freelancer? Should I go on fiverrr and pay for coldcalling and an assistant?

Because honestly I'm sick of corporations employing me (my company) for the sake of not paying taxes but still expecting a 9 to 5 and all the corporate bullshit.

I just want to get customer, do UX, pay a designer, get figmas, implement, invoice, repeat. Not have 3 hours spring grooming calls stuck between a team meeting with management, a demo and a mid-spring alignment review. Is that too much to ask?

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    Yep thats a massive scam. These clients dont provide health insurance or paid vacations. Yet they expect u to work 9 to 5 and participate in all the corporate bullshit. As if you wouldnt be the first one to let go in case they need to cut down on spending. Same goes if shit hits the fan, usually blame is shifted to contractos and they get fired.

    Workflow and availability should be negotiated during interviews and this stuff should be outlined clearly in the contract that you are signing. If they really expect a 9-5 from you, I would increase my hourly rate from the get go.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy yes. That's why I want proper customer, I present you a concept, here's the price, see you in a month for the deliverable.

    Like a proper agency, not as a "contractor" for whatever that means
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    @ostream Doubt you could do exactly what client wants without additional meetings. But I get your point
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    @ostream You are talking about bigger business clients. In that case you need to present yourself as an agency, build a brand, make a nice website with portfolio of your works start advertising and you might land a bigger client. Also I should mention that primary reason why agencies are chosen is because they have more resources and can scale, just like a cloud based server hosting. So you need to network and know atleast a couple poeple who you could throw into a project, if a need arises. Bigger clients love that.
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy of course it's the downside, they can try to squeeze more work out of you. But at least I can have several of them (which means power relationship would be more balanced)
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    That's what I was thinking. I was doing this job a while back and it was just a backend, a CSS guy and an assistant, the rest were freelance. It was the best job I had so far as I could actually do quality work (well except when I realized his code were not working right before the launch).
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    Unfortunate that you have encountered these type of situations.

    Just speaking for the firm I work with , but only the 15 minute standups / check-ins are the only required meetings that contractors attend. The rest of the work is pre-assigned planned tasks from project managers working with tech leads. And that two hours a week total is billable .

    Wondering if that is “not” the norm . In all my past contract work (I am no longer a contractor) any corporate meetings was automatically billable if (a) I was required attendance and (b) I was required to do prep work for the meeting itself .
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