New client : we have performance issues, can you look why ?

I check the production server :
- Windows Server 2008
- SQL Server express *facepalm*
- 80% of code is in stored procedures *double facepalm*

Me: Maybe you should buy sql server ?
*client don't seem to want to pay*
Me: :/

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    @kalai0215 SQL Server express is a free version of sql server. It has several limitations like the number of instances, max allocated RAM for each instances, limited number of core, etc... Stored procedures uses the database instead of the app for processing data. It's the reason why the client's app has performance issues.
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    Lol.. one of my clients wanted me to make an internet based app without buying a hosting plan.
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    Lol we had the samish thing happen at the data center when I worked there. This guy had a fedora server running some old version (like 4 or something, it was way old). Normally a server would cost like 100 a month or maybe 150. Well he never upgraded and instead we had to go out and manually reboot this server every single day at 15 minutes of billable time at 150/hour. This went on for years. Probably still is. Crazyness.
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