"By bringing the benefits of AI to non-technical teams – Ada empowers those who know your customers best to create personalized experiences!" - see it in action on zoom.us - if that's the current state of "artificial intelligence" why ppl seem so excited about AI at all?

And as zoom won't let me report my purchase problem, how would I ever be entitled to their paid support?

Think I'll install a jitsi server for video chat tomorrow.

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    "why ppl seem so excited about AI at all?"

    because they don't understand what it is and how it works so they don't understand its limitations so they think of it as The Magic Bullet.

    or, the other group of people who do understand it, but look at the first group and realize there's money to be made off them.
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    @Midnight-shcode Just like NFTs.

    You're not supposed to burn art to create one, for Turing's sake!
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