Today I got a chance to completely unironically say "it's not a bug, it's a feature".

It wasn't anything that would qualify as a bug. It was a new button for a new feature. But it broke automatic tests, so the tester called us and said it's a bug. He even added it to our backlog. Meanwhile our entire team was laughing our asses off. Can't wait to label it as won't fix, with a comment "it's a feature"

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    When you brake a test, you should fix that test - preferably before your new code reaches the CI.
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    @Oktokolo but if you always change your tests what are you testing for? /s
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    @Oktokolo Those are e2e tests that the QA team maintains. We don't touch those, cause then the QA gets cranky
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    Sound like brittle tests to me. Assert.equal(theThingAsItWas, theThing);
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