I took some days off and they are almost over but I still feel like shit and the idea of going back next week makes me anxious. But I work from home, earn more money than everyone I know outside the company (despite the equity politics that makes them pay me like a junior instead of a senior) and have more benefits than the ones I’m offered via LinkedIn, so quitting would be stupid.

Our team is only 3 members because the company fired too many people. Most tickets are max priority bugs and we can barely work on our team goals, which are also max priority, and when they say the clients with problems are getting angry I feel like they are going to get angry at me. That and I’ve been getting after hours messages during my time off telling me to hurry up because the client had been waiting for more than a week, and I didn’t know if I was supposed to work or to explain I was on vacations (feels like sick days) or apologize for leaving before solving the ticket.

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    Sorry for your distress. Surely though your employer does not force you to stay connected so they can nag you during your time off?
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    Sounds like you need some more days off. And it's never stupid to quit a crappy job even if it pays well.
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    I've been anxious every Sunday and end of vacation to get back to work since I started working. Regardless of the work, regardless of the workplace. It's just the general concept of work that kills me (getting up certain time, being available at certain time, unpredictable people, unclear work, even when it's going the smoothest it can go). 35 years to go before this torture ends. >.>
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    why are you reading work messages on your days off?
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