so im trying to build this old retro-box for some game testing...and ohhhhhh myyyy godddd

first of all - winxp is dead lol. browsers wont install, GPU driver doesnt work, some exes say they arent valid win32 bc idfk, old. found k-melon, some crusty offshoot of firefox i think and very um...gnu, lets call it gnu.

just getting a usb install was the worst part. ofc...no linux way to make a simple usb bootable from iso. dd is a no go, unetbootin psh ya right never works, others are more or less a cluster. finally say fuk it, boot a vm and do windows rufus...well that vm has no ad block. that site alone was atrocious. small middle section where the site is with ads NSEW. and then click the download..yep, another - wait still another ad. ffs you already have 50 on the page youre gona throw more at me for clicking download? all this to get something that aint gona work. 7 aint gona work, so ig 10 maybe? idfk what for...if the shit works well at all.

but between that and fone woes ive had. idk how everyone deals with the shit the world of tech has become. jesus-fuking-christ. want to cfg a mouse/keyboard? nope sry use windows tool. fu ill roll my own tyvm qmk. you want to show someone a 10sec video? nope watch a minute ad, that's broken, and repeats forever. you want to see a simple web page? NOBUYMYTHINGANDSTUFFINYOURFACE - fuk off

and earlier today someone mentioned that plugins are changing and some anti-ad ppl say it's gg...dude...fuk this proprietary world. it's just all garbage. im only really still in society's game for the tech, and you know what i just really dont care that much anymore

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    "no linux way to make a simple usb bootable from iso" - in Linux Mint: open the file manager (Nemo), right click on ISO, click "Make bootable USB stick", select USB stick, done.
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    Yeah, you can't just install Win XP and pretend like you're not in the year 2001. Every application you want to download and run on your win xp will have to be a release from 2006 tops. And you have to make sure you get 32bit apps if you're running a non 64bit version of XP.

    Also keep in mind what sort of BIOS are you using. Old XP probably doesn't mesh well with UEFI, you will need to switch to Legacy booting probably to even boot that install CD.

    That system is two decades old now, you will need to treat is as such. I don't think I ever even managed to boot an XP from anything else than an actual CD back in the day, should be possible but I suspect that depends on your Legacy bios
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    @Hazarth XP-64 existed in principle, but never got traction because the hardware manufacturers didn't bother to make drivers.

    Also, even Win 7 didn't come with USB3 support ot of the box, that had to be installed after the fact. Means, you cannot expect to boot such an old Windows from a USB3 port.

    My Asus mobo from 2010, well after XP, supported booting from USB in theory, but it was so much tinkering and even then unreliable that burning a DVD was my solution. That worked - with an internal SATA DVD drive ofc, not an external USB one.
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    Why does retro box sound familiar ?


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    Retro box was for playing i486 games on pentium 2
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