The day Dev Rant goes offline...

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    The swag store sales do help offset some of the giveaways, so it's not that bad
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    Oh shit, now I'm not asking for stickers as well
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    @trogus I think you should make the margin for the stickers harder to get
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    Wait... Ads on devRant?
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    @Krokoklemme I don't know How devRant generate revenue, I just made it up.
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    Just bought a devRant tee for my avatar to show support!
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    @-Sam- I guess via the swag store
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    You forgot costs for hosting, domain and stuff
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    @jschmold as long its not winx I won't mind (this shit has already got to my nerves, fuck you YouTube)
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    @trogus Maybe you could add a donation link somewhere on the website?

    I don't care about physical swag, but would like to contribute anyway. I spend more time on devRant than any other social platform.

    Or maybe some "online" cosmetic stuff, like an avatar thing -- maybe even grantable to others for excellent rants/comments (similar to gifting gold on reddit).
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    I would almost believe those numbers, if they weren't so rounded :D
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    @bittersweet @dfox is currently building out our supporter program which also includes some extra perks. We would rather avoid ads if we can, so we'll see how the supporter program does to offset our costs
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