Best way to defeat coding interruptions at work:

Wear headphones with nothing playing.

You hear everything, but no one interrupts because they think your in the zone...
which you are, and they won't take you out of it!

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    If this was 5th grade where the teacher would silent the other kids after seeing me wear headphones, then this kind of analogy is feasible
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    I do this! But with noise cancelling headphones. :)
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    @mrtnrdl @sam9669

    And that's when you turn something on until everyone is back to working diligently... if the ever go back to working
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    Doesn't work. They either walk up right behind you and scare the snot out of you, because you're in the zone, or they creepily stand in your peripheral vision until you take note of them. Either way, your concentration is broken. And then there are those with low survival instincts, and walk up and remove your headsets.
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    @iAmNaN Hear, hear! Happens to me on a daily basis.
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    Yet you'd be even more in the zone if you would be playing music 🙃
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    Sometimes I do this by accident. Start jamming and get so focused I don't realize nothing is playing.
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