Part of a banking website is broken, it has been for 2 years now..

Since I really need to use that part, I thought I would put in a formal complaint so someone might fix it..

After a few days I get an email back saying that they thought I wanted to know which browser was compatible with their banking website..

No you idiots, that isn't what I was asking, I was telling you which browsers I had used, and what the error message was in each one in turn.

So I've replied to the email, trying to explain that again in an even more idiot proof fashion I hope they can understand..

Though I thought I had written it very plainly the first time that their website was broken !

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    so what did they respond to your 2nd mail? did they finally understand the problem?
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    It's the worst to send normal support a bug report. (It is often the only way)

    They always tell you their routine support questions and answers. But just send this fucking thing i send you to your dev team.

    I had this once with an app. This dude asked me if i want money back or what my problem really is? Then i told him everything again and he still didn't understand. After few texts he gave up and left the ticket unanswered and after a few days probably someone higher up replied to me and thanked me for the precise bug report.
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    No response yet, probably have to wait a few days.

    Or years..

    I'm reminded of one company that still hasn't fixed a bug after 35 years, and I finally got to speak to someone about it, who said they didn't consider it important enough to spend money on fixing it..

    Even though during that time, they have had to rewrite the code to their backend 3 times for new systems, so each time they copied the same bug then !

    You can't call it a feature, since if you find yourself using it, it can cause unforeseen havoc.

    In simple terms, when part of a forum fills up, forum messages are automatically dumped as batch scripts to the backend, rather than disappearing into a black hole. ( Or is that white hole these days.. or hole of no discernable shade.. ? )

    So hopefully your message to someone did not include the term del *.* ...

    Which reminds me of a management meeting where someone asked what was to stop anyone just typing in del *.* to remove the database..
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    @Nanos "forum messages are automatically dumped as batch scripts to the backend"

    what...... the fuck XD
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    @Nanos now imagine it was a forum for batch
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    @soull00t And the company wonders why it never became Ebay, Amazon, and Facebook..

    Though 2 B fair, those all have bugs that never appear 2 get fixed too !

    This is the exact wording used, with identifying words replaced:


    I looked at this, it is not trivial. Given that it doesn't really cause a problem when *product* is being used in the normal way, because *Application" does get information about read only *forums*, and *admins* do tend to make full *forums* read only, I'm not going to fix this.


    That answer was in 2016, which took decades before anyone would even answer it !

    They created a special customer area for us customers 2 ask questions. :-)

    They did improve a few things, emails no longer vanish in2 a dark void never to return, the web application is a lot faster. ( But still buggy.. )

    & the standalone application is less buggy. ( But still has bugs.. )

    Meanwhile the price has gone up.. ( Oh yes, they charge ! )

    Customer base has fallen..
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    @jonas-w i once got a job this way
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    Fucking absolute incompetence. I had a similar issue. I tried renewing my drivers license online. There is a link and a page to do it but the last step results in an error.

    So I called them and the side just said yes you can't renew online.

    I was gonna tell him you can buy I decided not to.

    I hate it when people don't know their jobs and I hate it when people don't even know anything about the services they offer. How the fuck did they get that job?
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    @uNrEaL-jAsE Just earlier I spotted a URL error in a real estate agents listing and informed them, I got a thank you and they fixed it practically right away !

    Typical copy paste error, when it doesn't copy the whole URL, but just the visible stuff.. www.stuff.com/otherstuff...htm

    Who designs a copy and paste feature that doesn't copy the entire URL !!!
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