Ok so I have

- a legal structure (or several of them actually)
- infrastructure
- website design is being made
- logo and visual identity
- one client and a pet project for portefolio

What I need:

- clients

How I do that:

- Buying leads and paying a dude to call them
- Paying a CM
- Networking (I guess)
- Printing posters and putting them all over Paris, LDN, Barcelona and Berlin.

Am I doing this right? I really don' wanna take another bullshit job just to pay the bills. I wanna go back to doing cool shit for radio stations and restaurants and stuff. Do the UX, get a design, create them a remix + headless strapi plus some random shit if needed. Get paid. Rince. Repeat

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    My guess is that it's probably not cost efficient to buy leads, if by that you mean qualified leads i.e. contact details for potential clients known to be interested in purchasing. It sounds as if your target market is quite easily defined - radio stations and restaurants? - and easy to collate contact details for. Just market to them directly, meaning give them a call, send some info. Will your product make them richer, or make their lives easier? Headline that. Top tip in marketing is that you need to point your gun at the rabbit, not at the countryside in general.
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    @spongegeoff I mean my product is website development, I'm trying to launch my own agency. It's true I have global reach so I could do it myself but I honestly don't know where to start so might as well pay a guy at first and if it's not efficient / once I know how to do it, I can start doing it myself (or even hire somebody to it for me).
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    @spongegeoff Thanks for the tips though! <3 This means a lot to me. I've been willing to do that for about 5 years and now I feel I have enough professional experience.
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