A couple weeks ago I was criticizing C#, I humbly swallow my words.

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    Do you... See.. sharply now?
    You can all downvote this
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    The generics is just so much less janky than Java's
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    Booya ! Another win for people who want to design things in a structured manner !
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    What's been happening with c# since 4.0 ?
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    Didn't buy into it sure to the ms ecosystem (but have used it to create some tooling with GUI). Also didn't want to use mono, seemed not worth the hassle. Now I'm curious what they did. Don't think I have much use for it as Go did my needs fine. Still interesting to see it's progress.
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    @AvatarOfKaine it's 6.0 now. Going into 7.0 soon... Shit moves fast...
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    @hjk101 I still wonder who uses go
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