Pythons simplicity and paradigms, C’s speed, Java’s type safety, and can be used anywhere.

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    Nope. You buy C's speed at understanding shit at raw byte level (and actually thinking in assembly), which inherently conflicts with Python's simplicity.
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    Python is simply sinister.

    Python is a language for sadomasochistic fascists that have far too much time than sense.

    In 20 years I have never seen anything maintainable come from a team that is not 100% enslaved by python. Anything less and I always see a lack of testing, coding practice adherence, and environment installation and setup.

    There are only three reasons why python is so popular.
    1. it is used to to teach highschool students introduction to programming concepts
    2. It is used in game development(because of reason 1)
    3. It's easy to hire cheap talent to maintain it (because of reason 1)

    If you have projects that are being forced to migrate to python, look for another job because you're going to get replaced by a $20k/year intern after it's "good enough".
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    I have one single use case for Python: dbus scripts to take care of general housekeeping on my desktop. And even that only because Node is too heavy on my startup time, and because by the disorganized nature of dbus I can't use a strongly typed language. For anything more complex I use a language whose design team doesn't find joy in violating principles and disregarding reason and experience alike just to make some isolated and rare use cases a few characters shorter.
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    Have ya heard of Rust?
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    If I could automate outlook to download attachments and upload to servers, cloud storage or remote file shares with outlook rules with ease, I wouldn't use Python.

    Python I treat as a $2 script house, to make my life easier, not to actually build anything of critical use.
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    @12bitfloat Rust is not simple. It is type safe and fast but it's very far from simple.
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    @lbfalvy It's pretty simple once you've overcome the learning hump
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