Spent all day trying to fix a Windows 10 machine.

I fixed lots of things I didn't know needed fixing..

But I don't know yet if I've fixed the things I started off needing to fix !

Along the way I discovered all manner of things..

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    Does my SSD need trimming I wonder ?

    Is one trimmer any better than any other ?

    This did something at least:


    I notice my Windows setting is set to do that kind of thing every month, but its been 46 days since it last did it...

    Maybe there are 47 days in a Windows month..
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    Who knew this was a thing clogging up ones PC..

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    And better turn this off to save some resources:


    It is off right...

    Even though I swear I saw it log in right afterwards !
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    I should do this, but I might break something..

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    Having trouble with my clock, then I read about this:



    What do you have set in Region Settings and if you are using Hyper-V, your motherboard needs to be compatible, which means check the Bios settings. If Zulu time, you would have the offset for London GMT. This happens a lot when dual booting between Linux and Windows, that the CMOS clock gets set at the offset of Linux, due to a extra GRUB entry is not set to stop the OS from changing bios to zulu.


    Great, something to try and remember to get right when I do get around to dual booting with Linux !
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    This is till happening...


    The time provider 'VMICTimeProvider' has indicated that the current hardware and operating environment is not supported and has stopped.


    Flat CMOS battery ?

    I wonder, can I change the battery whilst the PC is still on, to avoid ending up with empty BIOS settings ?
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    And what is the solution this...

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    error "WORKGROUP:1d" could not be registered on the interface with IP address -

    NetBT Error 4321


    I changed the workgroup name on each PC from "WORKGROUP" to "WORKGROUP1","WORKGROUP2","WORKGROUP3","WORKGROUP4","WORKGROUP5", so far

    not noticed anything not working.

    It appears to be related to the browse master telling the other PC's they

    can't use "WORKGROUP".

    Anyhow, the error appears gone for now..
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    sysmain ok to turn off ?



    With Windows 10 version 21H2 update, Microsoft has replaced Superfetch

    service with SysMain which is basically exactly the same thing but under a

    new name.

    But few Windows 10 users report SysMain starts using up too many resources

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    Safe to turn off the feature ?



    Firstly to remove problem on Windows side you need to configure it

    properly. Run gpedit.msc (Win + R) and go to User configuration >

    Administrative templates >Windows Components > Attachment Manager and set

    Do not preserve zone information in file attachments.

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    Its running a bit faster, doesn't take quite so long to boot up, but is still prone to 100% disk usage at random times for random minutes..

    I remember when I used to have CPU's do that.

    But I guess with a 6c6t 3.3Ghz CPU, that kind of thing doesn't happen easily. :-)

    Soon to fit that newish SSD to speed it up !

    Once I fix my backup PC..

    And upgrade my NAS units. ( After spending hours trying to remember where I put those newish HD's for them ! )

    I also spent some time trying to find the password, only to find out, there wasn't one..

    Updated the firmware, and didn't manage to break anything !
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    Event Viewer is less full of issues than it was.

    Oh and updated video drivers, in case they was causing an issue.

    I got two BSOD's in the last few days, very rare these days, not sure why. :-(

    Lets hope its the video drivers..

    And the network has gone offline a few times. :-(

    Maybe the updated network drivers ?

    Maybe there was a reason I was using old drivers..

    Feels a bit like an old spaceship falling apart..
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    Network is still going offline randomly. :-(

    Ordered a used network card.

    Which wasn't without its issues..

    Lets go for Intel I thought..

    Oh wait, not all Intel cards have Windows 10 drivers..

    Lets go for one that does !

    Then wait 3 weeks for it to arrive from Earth..

    Good thing I went for a local supplier !

    At least then, I will know more if the issue is with my MB network ports, or the not.

    Assuming of course, the Intel card works. :-)

    It's used, it should work !

    Nothing more annoying than buying something new to find out it doesn't work out of the box.

    Lets hope its packed well, and doesn't arrive in pieces..

    Or get lost on the high seas..

    Or delivered to the wrong address..
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    No BSOD's yet...
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    Nice diary-hea
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    Well, I might not need that network card after all !

    Rolled back the network driver and that side of things has been solid for hours so far..

    So that might have fixed that issue.

    For some reason, I can't get Event Viewer up via a search..

    It shows me it, but I can't click on it like I could a few hours ago !

    Maybe a reboot will fix that..

    Still a better network card is not a bad thing, and handy to have a spare in reserve in case I need it.
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    The only way to fix a Windows machine is to turn it into a Linux machine
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    Rollback improved things, but didn't fix things 100% :-(
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    @Khazbs Maybe one day. :-)

    I did try for a couple of years with a Linux machine, well, several.

    Never could get them to stay up and be reliable !

    So even harder than Windows !

    Though, modern windows is more much of a pain than previous ones, with so many more little bits to go wrong..

    Lets hope I don't need to do a fresh OS install !
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    I think this could be it:

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    Its better now, but boy what a struggle !

    Still one small thing to fix..

    Ordered a new sound card, and a second hand network card to help things some.

    Have still to fit that nice juicy SSD upgrade..

    For that, I need my backup machine working !

    So, now fixing that..

    There I ran into an issue with a 4Tb HD, and a MB that can only see a 2Tb one..

    Hopefully a new PCI to SATA card will fix that, assuming it really is PCI 1.0 compatible.. ( Or the MB won't play nice with it ! )

    I notice the MB doesn't like to boot from USB, so will need a DVD so I can boot to Linux and hopefully recover my NAS data that way.

    Things was so much easier 20 years ago with disk caddies...

    And faster !

    It takes a day to backup one PC here across the 1Gbit network to the NAS, whilst it would take an hour or two with a disk caddy..

    And you have to babysit it due to unexpected issues like long file names being too long..
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    Finally installed the new SSD, see picture comparing old SME3 SSD on the left with new KINGSTON SEDC500M960G SSD on the right.

    Running on a SATA 2 connection.

    So, should be faster..

    I also found using this made cloning the disk so much easier !




    How To Clone Your Windows Boot Drive With Macrium Reflect - Easy and Free Software!


    Currently testing it to see how it compares to the old one, and if it works of course !

    SMART stuff says its two years old already, but 99% life left in it.



    Wouldn't see it until it was plugged into a SATA 3 port, which meant I had to do that, before I could

    over-provision it with an extra 400Gb:


    So hopefully it will last longer than another 3 years.
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    This might interest folk, testing SSD's, now I wonder if I ran them through an SATA3 connection if the speeds would be anything like their advertised speeds ?

    These are run through SATA 2:
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    And just as I get it all working..

    I try a RAM upgrade that doesn't work !

    Well, it might work if I knew what I was doing..

    Or knew anyone who could tell me what to do..

    So I took it out, and put the old RAM back in..

    Only, now only some of that works...

    I have a feeling this particular issue might take me months to fix !

    Meanwhile, I've decided to try ( So far one vendor took my order than realised I lived on Mars and said they can't deliver there.. still waiting for them to cancel the order and give me my money back ! ) and buy a newer PC.

    Yes I know its a shock me spending money like this, but I really would like a system with more RAM so I don't keen running out of it when I'm research browsing !

    As such, I'm trying to get myself a 64Gb machine, which is surprisingly difficult on a tight budget..

    Plus I have a few requirements, such as ECC memory, since who likes their bits flipped by cosmic rays !

    And Power Loss Protection is important to me too.
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    Of course, there is a shortage of hardware at the moment, so choices are limited.

    I'm even dipping my toe into NVMe waters !
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