When you try to uninstall Cortana...

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    I've disabled Cortana and kept the default offline search. *pats ownself*
    I needed do it because I have a super slow internet (0.5mbps) and Cortana used too much.
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    @codeblood You don't have to explain why you want to disable features that should easily be "toggleable" ;)

    PS: If you have to re-install a W10, you can use a LTBS version. Almost every useless things isn't even there.
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    Nah.. just
    1) grab arch bootable usb
    2) mount Windows
    3) delete where Cortana is.
    4) Bye..bye....Cortana (and basic search)
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    ... or just use Arch.
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    @Ashkin Exactly ;)
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    Cortana is disabled by default, cortana.exe is also the nane of the process for the file search engine, you don't need to use arch...only if you want to avoid to hear the usual linux nazis comments
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    @dontbeevil Are you sure? last time I delete her -> basic search functional was broke.
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    @dontbeevil Or my bad, miss spelling "nane" [wrong read :(. ]
    Yep, Its a "nane" ;)
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    @CSaratakij was a typo :D I meant "name" :)
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    Endless scrolling.
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