We're visiting the capital of my wife's home country, and it's frustrating how taxi drivers take advantage of the people. They don't use the taximeter and ask for a higher amount than would normally be. It's only here, though, because where we live it is illegal not to use the taximeter.

When we arrived at the airport and took a taxi, the driver was fined during the way to our hotel and once we arrived, he asked for 9 to 10x the price, because of the fine. He wanted us to cover the fine for him. Of course, we denied, and she gave a much smaller amount, of which I still think it was too much. If it was me, I'd just toss a smaller amount on the car seat and walk off. What'd he do? Tie us, put us forcibly in the trunk, and drive back to the starting point?

Indeed, the cost of living here is expensive, but they assume everybody is rich, especially if it's a foreigner. To be honest, I'm not even working right now, and she earns in dollars. We can afford all of this, but it's infuriating how shitty they are. It makes us want to stay in the room doing nothing until our flight back.

I hope we won't need to come back here again.

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    is your wife from Poland by any chance?
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    "What does the meter show? Zero? Then I'll pay that."
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    What'd he do? Tie us, put us forcibly in the trunk, and drive back to the starting point?


    I hear what usually happens is you get beaten up and left in a ditch, maybe alive, maybe not.
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    @Hazarth Philippines.
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    @Nanos That'd be dumb to do in the middle of the downtown with tons of people passing by and guards around. And also, they're not armed with anything to be able to do so without suffering, too. And are always alone.
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    @Kernel Taxi drivers I knew tended to be beefy enough take care of folk with just their fists.

    Though some did carry blunt objects with them too.

    Lets hope you don't get the same taxi twice.

    I dare say your friend paying them more than you might, could have well saved you both from unpleasant consequences.

    Such people don't care about authorities, they act, and people suffer.

    They can be hot headed and easily annoyed.

    Caution is advised.
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    @electrineer Taxi drivers hate this simple trick
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    don't forget to watch the "By the way" music video from RHCP prior your next ride
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